Winterizing / De-winterizing

Winterizing -
  • This is an essential process to take car of prior to a good freeze taking place. Because these engines and battery's are so small it is proper to prep the before winter. 
  • The De-winterize process prepares you bike for the cold Minnesota months so it will be ready to go come spring time.
De-Winterizing -
  • Just as you would get your moped ready for winter, there is a reverse process necessary to get everything set up for the summer.
  • Let us handle your tune up needs and save you all the hassle.

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Moped Repair and Service

        Maintaining your moped can be one of the most important stages in retaining the longevity of your mopeds operating span. Routine maintenance checks and oil changes are necessary every 500 miles. Like any other small engine machine, these motors take time to break in and need special care before a winter freeze comes through. It is essential to both winterize and De-winterize your bike or moped correctly to reduce any damages being done throughout the winter months.

       Minnesota Mopeds can help assist when it comes to repairing an old moped, tuning a new one up for the spring or getting something ready to store for the winter. We try to accommodate our time and schedules the best we can to make this process as easy as possible.

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