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150cc Sport $1275

Sensational design: The motorcycle market in the US region has been growing rapidly in recent years. 150 cc class is widely used for commuting and business and also by younger generation commuters. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future. In light of this market background, this MC-YT30D was developed under the concept of "a fusion of high performance and fashion" with the key word "Performa" (a combination of performance and formal) to describe its development direction. To achieve these aims, the new model boasts the latest technologies throughout its design to give it the kind of running performance, comfort, stylish body and environment-friendly performance that go far beyond the conventional moped image. This brand new sporty design was given some serious upgrades. These updates were aimed at providing the consumer with better power delivery, lower emissions, improved handling, updated styling, and more comfort and convenience features. With its European design and reliable 150 cc air cooled engine, is a great option for those needing a faster and more comfortable ride. It mounts an air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder 150cc engine with a fully automatic transmission on a body with the look of quality and a futuristic design You can now plan to make longer trips on your scooter, with it's 12 inch wheels, comfortable seat for rider and passenger it's time to hit the road! Plenty of power and room for two, with integrated passenger foot rest.

EPA / DOT Approved Street Legal: This scooter for sale is EPA and DOT Approved and is registerable as a street legal vehicle in 49 states not including California.

Up to 80 MPG: Ultimate Gas Saver! This gas scooter for sale gets 80 miles per gallon which is extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors: Rear View Mirrors with Turning Signal indicator- Improved safety feature and more stylish look!

Enhanced Headlights: This 150cc scooter features ultimately enhanced headlights with low beam - high beam. These headlights are bigger and provide light at angles that most mopeds cannot support.

Electric and Kick Start: This scooter comes with both electric and kick starting system, that makes it simple to start up, even for first time riders. If you somehow get into trouble though, then it is always great to have a reliable back up kick start method.

4 stroke 150cc with Fully Automatic Transmission: This scooter is equipped with a powerful 4stroke engine provides power for a strong ride on any road condition. Plenty of power and room for two, with integrated passenger footrest. This is a great vehicle for those first-time-riders or for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of changing gears.

13" Wheels: Low profile 13 inch tires deliver a large contact surface area for longer rides.

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on Motor and frame. Buyers are required basic repair skills such as using general tools; replacing nuts and bolts, filters, light bulbs, fluids, etc. The warranty is effective only if:

? The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose;
? The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.

Free Registration documentation: We provide a complete MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) and the Bill of Sale which might be required for registration at your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The MSO is such an important document and is not supposed to be shipped with the scooter, it will be mailed to you after you receive your scooter and email us the VIN number on the scooter. MSO generally requires 2 ~ 4 days to process.

Fully Pre-Assembly: This Item comes 99% assembled (battery set up, mirrors and minor adjustments may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation. Warranty is valid straight from the box.


ITEM: MC-YT30D 150cc Gas Moped Scooter


Engine / Drive Train

Engine Type

150cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder


150 ml

Max Horsepower

7.0KW/7500 rpm 9HP

Cooling System



Dry Automatic Clutch-Less Centrifugal Belt Drive CVT


Belt Driven

Starting System

Electric / Kick



Max Speed

60+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)

Max Torque

8.3 nm/6000 rpm



Fuel Capacity

7 liters

Brakes / Suspension / Chassis


Reinforced Steel Tube

Front Suspension

Dual Telescopic Forks

Rear Suspension

Mono Shock

Front Brakes

Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake

Rear Brakes

Disk Brake

Brake Operation

Hand/Hand Brake

Front Tires


Rear Tires



Automatic CVT

Controls / Safety

Age Recommendation


Thumb Throttle (Y/N)


Brake Pedal (Y/N)


Remote Start (Y/N)


Remote Engine Stop (Y/N)


Remote Alarm (Y/N)


Speed Governor (Y/N)



Headlights, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights

Capacities / Dimensions

Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Net Weight

287 lbs

Gross Weight

335 lbs

Ground Clearance

5 inches


72.5 inches


25 inches


45 inches

Seat Height

30 inches


49 inches

Carton Size

74" X 23" X 47"

Container Size

50 Pcs/40ft HQ


4 Pcs/Pallet



1 Year


1 Year


Tool Kit, Technical Support

Government Certifications


Department of Transportation Approved. Motorcycle License required in most states – Check with local DMV


Environmental Protection Agency Approved


California Air Resource Board Approved

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